The Bridge Called My Breast: Feminism, Intersectionality, and Nude Protest

Ashley J. Bohrer


This paper seeks to examine this question and this critique by analyzing nude protest from perspective of the contemporary age of neoliberalism.  In a world in which, as Nancy Fraser has argued, many positions and catchphrases of the feminist movement have been folded into the accumulative logic of neoliberal capitalism (Fraser 2013), the relationship between nudity, feminism, and objectification must be revisited. The co-optation of many aspects of the feminist movement bequeaths the urgency of reconceptualizing both feminism as a movement and the tactics deployed to further it. And given the disproportionate effects of neoliberal programs of austerity, globalization, and structural adjustment on women of color, any analysis of feminism under neoliberalism must foreground both the experiences and the resistances of women of color. To this end, this paper asks the following questions? What does the neoliberal moment mean for contemporary feminist struggle? What does subjecting nude protest to an aesthetic analysis tell us about the pitfalls and possibilities of resistance?  And crucially, what does intersectionality tell us about the world in which we consider these questions?


nudity; nude protest; intersectional feminism; objectification;


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