Unmaking War, Remaking Men: How Empathy can Reshape our Politics, our Soldiers and Ourselves

by Kathleen Barry


Reviewed by David Duriesmith

North Melbourne, Spinifex Press, 2010. 246pp. ISBN 0982796706
$34.95 AUD (paperback)


Unmaking War, Remaking Men Unmaking War is an unusually outing for Kathleen Barrywho is known for her work on prostitution.1 Barry covers a wide range of topics, suchas the construction of masculinity, militarism and nationalism. Despite the book's widescope, the finished product is a powerful critique of militarism and breaks new groundwith its discussion of empathy, core masculinity and the possibility of remaking men.At its core Unmaking War is a book about the importance of empathy and the damagingeffects of a lack of empathy in a nation.

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