When Protest Makes Policy: How Social Movements Represent Disadvantaged Groups

by S. Laurel Weldon


Reviewed by Sophie Reid.

Ann Arbour, University of Michigan Press, 2011. 231pp. ISBN 9780472117482
$113.99 (hardcover)


The introduction of When Protest Makes Policy opens with reference to the 1999 ‘Battle in Seattle’ protest against the World Trade Organisation, and the claims made then by the protesters to represent the marginalised people of the world. More than ten years on, this book has been published in a year virtually bookended by eruptions of high-profile civil society protest movements – most notably the uprisings across the Middle East and the ‘Occupy’ protest movement throughout the US and other countries – calling for the establishment or reinvigoration of democratic processes. This book is therefore timely in its meticulous examination of the role of social movements in enriching those processes.



Protest; Review; Policy Change; Democracy


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